July 10, 2007

Sushi MiMi [Fountain Valley]

MiMi is right around the corner from my SO's house and is our go-to for safe, decent quality sushi when even a drive to Costa Mesa is too far.

The interior is wrapped in a calming blanket of blonde woods and tatami screens, which add a layer of privacy between you and next table. The decor is surprisingly elegant for an FV strip mall restaurant and there's even a glitzy, if not out of place, sushi tower to greet you at the entrance.

The restaurant was filled with Japanese patrons, which is surprising for the Fountain Valley restaurant scene, which is particularly foreign friendly. A quick glance at the tables revealed mostly orders of food, but we were there for sushi rolls.

Clockwise: Crunchy, spider, rainbow, and caterpillar rolls

As I've mentioned previously, there was nothing standout about our sushi rolls or sashimi. Nothing was fishy enough that we complained, but nothing good enough that made our eyes want to roll to the back of our heads. I did, however, enjoy the mild tamago.

From left: Tamago, cucumber and plum, yellowtail sashimi

MiMi's chefs do have an eye for aesthetic and rolls are neatly presented with tender loving care.

Cooked foods are less greasy than other options in the area and the combo dinners are massive.

Sushi MiMi
18225 Brookhurst St Ste 7
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 964-0988

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