July 25, 2007

Kwik-E-Mart [Burbank]

As a promotion for the new Simpsons movies, seven 7-Elevens across the country have been transformed into Kwik-E-Marts. Two of them are in Southern California and though I've driven by the Culver City location, I was determined to check out the bigger and better Burbank one.

The culinary institution that is 7-11 offered its usual assortment of gourmet hot dogs and nachos with a side of wit courtesy of The Simpsons marketing campaign.

Anyone setting foot inside the store must make an obligatory purchase of one the following four "Simpsons-inspired Products":

(1) KrustyO's Cereal

(2) The Official Pink Movie Donut

(3) Buzz Cola

(4) Squishee

The SO and I each needed a prop for the various Kodak moments scattered throughout the store, so we purchased items #2 and 4 and began a posed our hearts out with cardboard cutouts of Chief Wiggum, Marge, Homer, Ralph, and Apu.

The Coke Squishee was nothing more than a Slurpee in a Simpsons-inspired cup and the donut looked great in our photos. Its neon pink color would have made any bridesmaid skulk, while the two-part glaze and frosting combo warranted a visit to the dentist.

There are real live Apus manning the registers, though none of them told me, "Thank You, Come Again!" Not the most p.c. gimmick, but isn't that what makes the Simpson's so good in the first place?

While there are lines on the weekends, we were able to walk right in at 1:30pm on a Monday, though they were still doing brisk business with a packed parking lot. I may not be the most die-hard Simpsons fan, but I did get my 40-minute drive's worth in photos.

1611 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91506

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