July 23, 2007

Hi Tea [Chicago]

I had come in search of finger sandwiches but found that there were none available here. I opted for a sandwich of almond butter and strawberry jam in wheat, and a strawberry fields green tea.

tea menu

The sandwich all-together reminded me too much of a plain PB&J. The almond butter wasn't amazing and the jam was mediocre. I guess it made for a semi-healthy lunch. In addition, the sandwich was accompanied by a small jicama and apple salad that was lacking in seasoning. The tea was revitalizing under the scorching heat outside and it tasted singularly of strawberries.

strawberry fields green tea jicama and apple salad
strawberry and almond butter sandwich

The space allows for much seating inside, including a lower deck by the window. It seemed like an optimal place to study; it was quiet and there was brain food. I wish there were one of these around my school when I was still a student.

Hi Tea
14 E 11th
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 880-0832


B News said...

We are starting to do more traditional tea service in the Fall. However, High Tea is a more informal tea that was common among the working class. Low tea at 1-3pm was the formal elegant and dainty tea service. We hope you come back soon. We starting a movie night on Wednesdays at 7pm. This week is "bottle rocket."

Jun said...

B News, thank you for your informative comment. Does this mean Hi Tea will be offering finger sandwiches soon?

I stopped by while I was visiting Chicago. I enjoyed my time at Hi Tea and I look forward to dining there again when I'm in town.

Thanks for reading.