July 2, 2007

Beach Cities Yogurt & Gelato [Huntington Beach]

Having spent the last four years living in the Bay, I am extremely sensitive to the heat and decided to fill up on frozen yogurt after not being able to finish my lunch. I remembered driving by Beach Cities not too long ago and decided to give the gelato a try.

Beach Cities has some stiff competition with the ever popular Golden Spoon around the corner and self-serve Great American Yogurt (GAY) a few blocks further down Beach. However, it has the distinct advantage of being the only homemade gelateria within a 5-mile radius. They also sell self-serve yogurt by the ounce.

Upon walking through the double doors of the bare-bones, strip-mall shop, I heard the familiar chirping of Vietnamese gossip and feigned anonymity to avoid making small talk. I ended up ordering the first two flavors I tried and I finished both scoops before even reaching my doorstep.

I have always preferred gelato for its unapologetic approach to flavor that is made possible by the mildness of its milk-base. Beach Cities' Strawberry YoguSpecial Light and Almond&Fig Sauce are no exception. My senses were first struck by the piercing flavors of strawberry and almond, as crisp as breeze on a hot summer day. The strawberry had a tart sweetness, which was punctuated by the yogurt, while the the almond was mellow without the nutty liquor taste often detected in nut-based flavors.

Both of the gelati had a silken, milky undertone that soothed your mouth, while the velvety Almond&Fig was broken up by coarse bits of almond. I enjoyed the texture, which wasn't as smooth as traditional gelato, nowhere near as creamy as ice cream, but not as icy as sorbet.

$2.95 gets you two heaping scoops of the delicious treat, which is my new favorite frozen treat in the OC. Flavors are invented daily and on this particular day, they had a Vietnamese lá dứa flavor, which is made from pandan leaf and paired with coconut milk. I'm excited to see what else they've got up their sleeves.

Beach Cities Yogurt & Gelato
16895 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 841-3868

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