July 21, 2007

Bistrot Margot [Chicago]

The strangest thing about Bistrot Margot is its classification as a Provencal bistro, which is nowhere close to the Italian mobster/Parisian cabaret vibe that was coming from the dining room. Lush velvet curtains, cherry wood finishes, and black-and-white, swap meet poster prints just don't add up to a French countryside for me.

However, the restaurant does have a pleasant patio, which sits streetside in Chicago's Old Town. The awnings, potted flowers, and balcony come a little closer to Provence.

The occasion was brunch and I was looking for something simple, but executed with A+ precision. I found it with Oeufs Aux Choix ($7.95): two eggs poached, haricot verts, sunflower seed toast, and three slices of bacon.

Though I was in the market for soft-boiled eggs, I wasn't disappointed by the poaching, which left my egg yolks runny and ready for the mopping. My toast was dense enough for a substantial crackle, while remaining soft and bready on the inside. While I meant to skip on the carbs, I kept taking one last bite after another until it was gone altogether. The bacon was drained of every ounce of grease and the haricot verts were steamed to the pinnacle of greenness before they were lightly dressed in a veneer of butter.

It was the type of morning that warranted something familiar and expected and Bistrot Margot fit the bill.

Bistrot Margot
1437 N. Wells Street
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 587-3660

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