July 9, 2007

Bagelmania & Coffee House [Huntington Beach]

I have a tradition that involves bagels for breakfast when I know I've got a strenuous--whether mental or physical--day ahead of me. This time, the occasion was surfing and the objective: to find a freshly made or at least locally produced bagel. I was led to Bagelmania under the auspices of Yelp, but I was pleasantly surprised to kill two birds with one stone.

I was interested in coming in, but our rush led us straight to the drive-thru, where we entertained the menu only long enough to place an order. I'm normally a bagel purist, topping my Semifreddi bagels with honey and cream cheese, but decided to try the seasonal Hawaiian bagel with Hawaiian cream cheese--a decadent start to the morning laden with pineapple and coconut. We also threw in a plain bagel for good measure.

Bagelmania's bagels are baked with more air holes and are hence less dense and filling. This also means that toasting the bagels won't quite have the same effect. Bagelmania makes up for it with their signature blistery exterior, which is chewy to a leathery crisp. I know it sounds unappealing, but it's an acquired texture that is more interesting than it is offensive.

The Hawaiian is my favorite flavored bagel thus far and has only a touch of sweetness that wont give you a toothache. Even better is the Hawaiian cream cheese, whose excess I scraped off and added to my plain bagel.

I like everything about Bagelmania--from the drive-thru window to the delicious seasonal bagels, it was a hit for me.

Updated 7/24/07

Today's occasion: Hike to Switzer Falls.

I thought I'd try going with a healthier option and opted for the whole wheat bagel with Hawaiian cream cheese. I had a feeling that it'd be a not-as-good combination and was proven right by the nuttiness of the bagel that overpowered the pineapples and coconut.

I did, however, enjoy my SO's McBagel, which had all the makings of a breakfast sandwich with a hearty, dense bagel bun. Although a thinner bagel would have been better, since the sandwich was pretty dry and hearty even without the carbs.

I actually went into the store for this excursion, just so I could grab some interior shots.

Bagelmania & Coffee House
8861 Adams Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(714) 965-5637

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