July 3, 2007

Augustus Cafe [Las Vegas]

First off, you shouldn't expect to eat in any casino restaurant (and I'm not talking about a place you could call a joint/diner/cafe) without overpaying for what you get. Augustus in Caesar's is no exception and you're looking at $15 burgers, $11 quesidillas, $9 cups of soup, and $20+ if you want an actual entree.

Hell, you dont even get a free basket of bread if you order anything that can be construed as a lunch item (appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers). That is, unless your waitress is sweet enough to bring you one on the sly. We understood why it was such a big deal only after we devoured our zucchini bread muffins and egg&bacon breakfast rolls. Nothing could have been more soothing for our hangovers than the essence of breakfast captured by our single bread basket.

There was nothing special about the burger or Reuben sandwich, which were both markedly mediocre. My SO asked if he could substitute the potato salad his burger came with for mashed potatoes and our waitress responded by saying, "Oh, the potato salad is really only a garnish. It's not substantial at all." LOL. Leave it to Vegas to serve a $15 burger only adorned with a pickle.

On the other hand, the French onion soup was a whole other story, better left for Sheepathon to tell.

Augustus Cafe's French onion soup offers a gooey, stretchy layer of cheese that others could only dream of attaining. The stock is rich, beefy, and flavorful, while the amount of bread inside is not overwhelming, but is more than just a few morsels that leave you wanting more. The soup is delivered in a small white ceramic bowl ornamented with a lion head that somehow makes the $9 price tag seem more worthwhile. Bottom line, if you’re going to Vegas and have got a few minutes for a soothing meal, the hot, steamy, delicately flavored French onion soup, complete with perfectly browned cheese, will go a long way.


Augustus Cafe
3570 Las Vegas Blvd.
Caesar's Palace
Las Vegas, NV 89136
(702) 731-7110

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