July 11, 2007

Piccomolo [Irvine]

The construction of the new Woodbury Town Center in Irvine has paved the way for the introduction of Piccomolo to Orange County.

I've only visited at night but always found the store to be brightly lit and a warm glimmer amongst the row of closed surrounding stores. There are only two cases full of creamy gelato that is made fresh daily at the store, even though the website offers a far more extensive list. I have reason to believe that the flavors turn each month but I'm not entirely sure about the process.

The employees are friendly and efficient; the large crowd is quickly served and no one is kept waiting too long. A plus is that ample samples are provided upon request.

The gelato is as pricey as any other gelato place. For $3.50, you can get a small serving and choose up to two flavors. I got tiramisu and lemon cooler on my first visit. The tiramisu was quite creamy but didn't resemble the Italian dessert much. The lemon cooler was advertised as a customer favorite and I'll have to agree. The texture was right in between gelato and sorbet and would be very refreshing on any hot day for a lemon lover looking for a good pucker. On my second visit, I got kiwi and coconut. I'll have to admit that I've had better kiwi gelato; it didn't carry the tang that is characteristic of kiwis and was mild. However, I loved the crunch of the seeds as I ran them through my teeth. The coconut was very delicious. It wasn't overly creamy and it even had some coconut shreds.

They also make custom cakes and to-go containers of gelato are available.

6412 Irvine Blvd
Ste. 1200-3
Irvine, CA 92620
(949) 733-3373

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