July 20, 2007

Oriental Kitchen [Irvine]

The menu offers a small range of plates and bowls covering a wide range of the different Asian cuisines. I ordered a teriyaki chicken plate which included a side of noodles and salad.

As a to-go order, the teriyaki sauce came on the side and so upon opening the plate, the chicken was not a pleasing sight at all. It had a strange appearance to it and was placed haphazardly around the rice. Although I think that even with the sauce on the chicken, it wouldn't have made much difference. Rather than being a pleasant surprise, the taste reflected the sight quite well. For the most part, the chicken was dry and the sauce didn't to much to save the dish. The noodles were definitely under-seasoned and very bland. The best part was the salad which you can find practically anywhere else. It was just lettuce with red cabbage and miso dressing.

The side order of 6 pieces of gyoza for $2 was also displeasing. The pieces were small and the skin of the gyoza was strangely tough. My friend claims that she's had some of this before from the frozen aisle in the supermarket.

Overall, my meal was a huge disappointment.

Oriental Kitchen
4535 Campus Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 854-7247

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