July 8, 2007

Mentatsu Ramen [Costa Mesa]

At less than $8 an entree, Mentatsu is a good alternative if you're looking for sit-down service outside of the Mitsuwa food court. The rice dishes are comparable to what you'd get next door, though I haven't given their ramen a shot.

The Mabo Tofu was thick and saucy, but a mouthful to finish. The ground pork and tofu mixture was almost as sticky as natto and packed a punch of savory flavor in every bite. I'd recommend having your rice on the side and in heaping spoonfuls.

The Curry Rice came with two measly chunks of chicken and a lot more potatoes and carrots. The curry sauce had a slight sweetness to it that was pleasant. Both servings were quite large at $6.95 with miso soup.

While you could probably replicate the dishes by following the directions on your favorite House Foods instant mix, sometimes you just dont want to try that hard.

Mentatsu Ramen
688 Baker Street #7
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 979-2755

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