July 15, 2007

Spoon House [Gardena]

Our visits to Spoon House (1) aren't going anywhere fast, since we are always sharing, but at least this time, we were able to try a few more dishes courtesy of our UYE (Unofficial Yelp Event) outing.

By far, the most popular choice was the Japanese Cod Roe and Butter Sauce (Tarako), which comes with seaweed, squid, sea urchin or a combination of the three. The butter sauce was mild and light, though the taste of the cod roe is a little understated for the dish (Il Chianti does better with its version).

#34 - Hot garlic with seasoned mushrooms, grated daikon, and bonito

Number 34 was a real hit and probably our favorite at Spoon House yet. The mushrooms are finely chopped and whipped into a slightly sticky and delicately sweet sauce, while the bonito and seaweed give the dish a distinct Japanese twist. It's not as hot as you'd expect it to be, though there are diced dried peppers tossed into the dish. The flavors really meld well and sing in your mouth.

An encore performance for number 34.

Spoon House
1601 W. Redondo Beach Boulevard.
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 538-0376

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