June 21, 2007

Best of...

LA/Orange County Area

Paella: La Paella [Mid-City West]
Blue crab handroll: Sushi Wasabi [Tustin]
Sushi: Katsu-ya [Studio City]
Japanese izakaya: Ikko [Costa Mesa]
Bakery: Cream Pan [Tustin], strawberry croissants
Afternoon tea: Tea Upon Chatsworth [San Diego]
Mochi: Sakura-ya [Gardena]
Margherita pizza: Pizzeria Mozza [Hollywood]
Fine dining: Saddle Peak Lodge [Malibu], Providence [Hollywood]
Indian [casual]: Bukhara [Huntington Beach]
Tasting Menu/Prix Fixe: Opus [Koreatown LA]
Desserts: Beach Cities Frozen Yogurt & Gelato [Huntington Beach], Patisserie Chantilly [Lomita]
High-end egg dish: Opus' [Koreatown LA] "breakfast in an egg"

Bay Area

Sushi: Sushi Ran [Sausalito]
Vietnamese: Slanted Door [SF Embarcadero]
Japanese izakaya: Gochi's Japanese Fusion Tapas [Cupertino]
Desserts: Ici [Berkeley]
Pizza: Lanesplitter's [Berkeley], Dopo [Piedmont], Pizzeria Picco [Larkspur]
Pasta/Italian: Delfina [SF Mission], Oliveto [Berkeley]
Fine Dining: Cyrus [Healdsburg]
Takeout: Taxi Brousse [Berkeley]
Indian [upscale]: Junnoon [Palo Alto]
Afternoon tea: Rose Mountain Manor [Colfax]
Tapas: Cesar [Berkeley]
Tasting Menu/Prix Fixe: Cyrus [Healdsburg], La Folie [Russian Hill SF], Ad Hoc [Yountville]
High-end egg dish: Manresa's [Los Gatos] soft-boiled egg layered from sweet to salty

Best of the Rest

Brunch: Hell's Kitchen [Minneapolis]


Pepsi Monster said...

Hey Pop Tart,

First thing first. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one.

Great list. Hopefully you can do these list once in awhile because I'm sure you will change it down the road.

For a margaheritta pizza, check out Vito's at WeHo. That was the best I had ever tasted.

For mochi, you got to check out Little Tokyo's Mikawa or Fugetsu Do. I tried Sakura's, but I still prefer the Little Tokyo's store over the Gardena one.

Great list though. Can't wait to see some of your upcoming ones.

POPtart said...

Hey pepsi monster,

What taste you have =] I've got both Vito's and Fugetsu Do on my list.

I keep all my lists updated and I've got even more at my Yelp site: http://poptisserie.yelp.com