June 20, 2007

Cafe Blanc [Costa Mesa]

Cafe Blanc piqued my interest while driving by it the other day after lunch. I consulted Yelp and after learning that it was a Japanese bakery, decided I would pop by and catch up with a friend over dessert.

The modern bakery boasts a stainless steel kitchen and mirrored work areas that lets you watch the baking in action. There are three refrigerated cases, which house cakes, chocolates, and an assortment of gelati.

Between the two of us, we tried the Mousse Pistache et Framboise [pistachio and raspberry mousse] and the The Chocolat au Miel, which was a chocolate mousse cake infused with Earl Grey tea. Each of the cakes were plated and served with small scoops of gelato, which added a nice touch. The cakes were nice and light, but we couldn't taste the pistachio or Earl Grey in the cakes.

We tried a few of the gelati and decided that they were more similar to icy sorbets than creamy gelato. Overall, Cafe Blanc lacks the finesse and sophistication I've found at comparable bakeries. While the cakes taste good, the details fall short--the gelees aren't as smooth, the icing gets messy around the edges, and the flavors aren't as pronounced as they should be. The gelatin desserts were downright unsightly.

On the upside, it not as far of a drive, it's open till 10pm, and the cake slices are relatively larger. Not a bad choice if you're looking for something convenient, but not the best if you've got the time to explore.

Cafe Blanc
298 E 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 631-9999

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