June 12, 2007

Genki Living [Irvine]

There was something left to be desired after we were rushed out of 242, so I raked my memory for a dessert place in Irvine. I recalled reading some reviews about the crepes at Genki Living and thought we'd give the place a try.

The menu was a familiar laundry list of shaved ices, crepes, and bubble tea organized into categories that made you wonder what the differences were between snow ice and snow bubble. But we came on a mission and there was only two decisions to make: 1) Whether we wanted our crepe with nutella, chocolate sauce, custard, ice cream or cream and 2) Which and how many fruits we wanted in it.

We thought it was suspicious that all of the crepes seemed to have cream inside of them [instead of on the side or on top], but figured that maybe it was a Japanese thing. We opted for peach and strawberries with the custard and cream on the side.

The crepe batter tasted of egg waffles, which lend them a sweetness all of their own. The crepes were also crispier than their traditional French counterparts, but they were also much drier, which explained why they all came with sauce/cream on the inside. The fruits were fresh and nicely cut, though make sure you save some for the end, when you reach the all-batter tip of the cone. We barely touched the custard and cream, which we thought was too sweet.

Overall Genki Living was interesting at best--most interesting of which, was the bullet train wall, complete with sliding doors. If there is a next time, I might try my crepe with a fruit sauce [on special request], though I still prefer the spongier, pancake-quality of French crepes, which require no sauce at all to enjoy.

Genki Living
15435 Jeffrey Road, Suite 110
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 857-3683

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