June 10, 2007

Scoops [Koreatown LA]

Scoops is the closest thing that we've got to an Ici [my favorite Bay Area ice cream shop] in Southern California. But all comparisons aside, I've found the concoctions to be inventive and playful, though not always successful by my palette.

The worst part about coming to this tiny ice cream shop is that its tucked in residential alleyway that is hard pressed for parking. We usually just pull into the Lucky Korean restaurant's parking lot and figure that we wont be in there long enough to get towed. Just keep your fingers crossed.

This was my second visit here and it was a lot more bustling than the first had been. There were about five people on staff including the owner and we didnt receive the same personal attention and recommendations that we did before on our previous visit. Everyone was still friendly and as patient as they could possibly be with the long line forming behind our indecisive party.

All of the vegan ice creams were again sold out by the time we managed to make it here [always after 8pm]. I'm told the vegan versions are similar to sorbets and will definitely have to come back during the daytime to find out for myself.

With only about half the display case to choose from, we tasted a few and deemed them too adventurous for our moods that night. We ended up settling on the strawberry&balsamic, which I had tasted and approved as well as the mango-kiwi, which didn't really taste like either of the fruits. I found the texture of the ice cream to be more like that of gelato and found it on the heavy side. That said, I would still come back on any occasion to witness and learn from someone so dedicated to the craft of looking outside of the box.

Prices here are dirt cheap and you can actually order a single scoop with two flavors. There are few tables inside and more outside if you can manage to bear the cold while eating your ice cream.

712 N Heliotrope Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 906-2649

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