June 25, 2007

Tea Upon Chatsworth [San Diego]

While my experience at a busy noontime seating wasn’t as magical as having the tea room all to myself in the late afternoon, I still have to bestow the honors to Tea Upon Chatsworth, which ranks as my favorite afternoon tea parlour from here to the Bay.

The seasonal menu changes monthly and includes an assortment of tea sandwiches, scones, and desserts. The High Tea also comes with a quiche, additional dessert, and while I could do without the previous, the chilled soups are to die for.

The savories from the June/July menu were good as usual, while the scones were forgettable this time around. I like that the seasonal menu allows for more surprises and variation outside of your usual chicken salad and cucumber sandwiches. The homemade rose jam and rosewater-infused water are some of the details that really make Tea Upon Chatsworth stand out.

Tea service is excellent with about 20 choices at your disposal. The featured tea on this occasion was a Mutan white tea, although you are can try as many pots as you can finish during your two-hour seating. Our progression included the Peach Oolong and Chocolate Mint, which are brewed behind the counter and brought to your table when ready.

Owner Joy Chance quit her day job to pursue her dream of opening a tea parlour and while she says business can be rough, you’d never notice in the sanctuary she has created.

Tea Upon Chatsworth
2180 Chatsworth Blvd
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 858-2848

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