April 19, 2008

The Lifesize Mousetrap

On a completely unrelated food note, I spent my Saturday afternoon riding the human ferris wheel, watching people set off the Lifesize Mousetrap, and then shoving my face with Bi-Rite ice cream and Tartine croissants. I was traveling most of March, but San Francisco gave me a warm welcome home.

Yes, I've been MIA, but the food adventures have certainly been moving full speed ahead. Some of my most memorable meals in the past few months:

  • Cuban beef stew, plantain, Cuban sandwiches @ El Palacio de Los Jugos (Cuban Grocery Store). Miami, FL
  • Cafe con leche @ Ayestaran. Miami, FL
  • XiangJiangBao at Shanghai Dumpling Shop. Sunnyvale, CA
  • BBQ and lemonade at The Salt Lick. Austin, TX
  • Flip Happy Crepes. Austin, TX
  • Sandwiches and muffins @ Cafe Soleil. Springdale, UT
  • Dutch baby pancakes @ Resto. Gramercy, NYC
  • Muffins @ Clinton Street Bakery. East Village, NYC
  • Fried rice @ IndoWok. Murray Hill, NYC
  • 13-ounce sirloin burger @ Le Tub. Hollywood, FL
  • Canneloni, cellini beans w/fried eggs, and yogurt sorbetti w/with strawberries. Brunch at SPQR. Japantown, SF

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Anonymous said...

Sure sure. Now you have tell us you have been to NY and TX. Great! Didn't see any of those reviews. Get them going will ya! LOL