February 10, 2007

La Paella [Mid-City West]

I probably cant make any sort of testament as to the authenticity of the paella, but it sure is damn good. I was looking for a tapas recommendation in the area and La Paella was all over the Chowhound message boards and elsewhere.

The owner was very helpful in accomodating our last minute reservation change and we exchanged about four phone calls just to get it right. On the one hand, it's a hassle to deal with, but on the other, most restaurants arent as hospitable with their reservation policies.

The space is tiny and incredibly romantic. You'd never know from the looks of it outside, but the interior mimic an intimate dinner at your house over candlelight. We were the only large party in the place, which was otherwise filled with couples falling in love across the table.

We ordered 11 tapas dishes and the patatas bravas and the calamares a la plancha were amonst our favorites. Though I didnt think the tapas were anything special, we all agreed that we loved the garlic mayonnaise and olive pesto that came with our four baskets of freshly baked bread.

Again, the paella was delicious and we ordered fourservings for six people, which was more than enough. They served the women at the table first and our plates were much more abundant than the rest. If you're like me and dont eat much, switch with one of the boys.

La Paella confirms my suspicion that the best food in LA is a little off the radar, ethnic, and not overpriced.

La Paella
476 S San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 951-0745