November 18, 2007

Operation Covert Trunk Full of Tamales at 11pm in the Walmart on Story Road's Parking Lot [San Jose]

It was nearly 11pm when we walked into the parking lot of the Walmart on Story Road. We were up to our ears in bags and ironing boards, but my dad still found the time to make a joke, "Hey, do you want a tamale?"

My patience had been tested all night and while I was grateful to have my parents in for the weekend, I was soon reminded of why I now live alone. I threw off his gesture with a scoff and kept walking, until he asked again.

This time, I entertained his jests: What are you talking about? He points to a parked car about 50 feet from where we're parked and says they're selling them out of the trunk. I confirm his claims and after seeing it with my own eyes, nod with enthusiasm. He drops his bags, takes some orders, and before we know it, money is exchanging hands in Operation Covert Trunk Full of Tamales at 11pm in the Walmart on Story Road's Parking Lot.

We waited until morning to re-steam our breakfasts of beef, cheese, chicken, and pork tamales and though my stomach wasn't so happy with such a fiery start to the day, they were some of the most delectable morsels of masa that I've had yet. Simple and homemade, they were petite and had a good ratio of filling to masa. All of the tamales had a good kick of spiciness and would have done well to be served with some acid to cut the heat (probably salsa). My favorites amongst the four were the chicken and pork, which were the mild choices compared to the beef.
I have no idea what other times the tamale car makes an appearance at Walmart, but it is as authentic of a street food experience as you can find in the suburbs of the South Bay.

Operation Covert Trunk Full of Tamales
Walmart Parking Lot
777 Story Rd
San Jose, CA