August 24, 2007

Crater Lake Lodge [Oregon]

Though we copped out on camping and slept in the car, we did save ourselves a hefty $18 campsite fee and an even heftier $170 reservation at the Crater Lake Lodge. And while we did not partake in the amenities of the historic hotel, we thought it appropriate to treat ourselves to a proper breakfast before embarking on our 3-hour hike.

We both opted for the Blue Lake Breakfast ($7.75), which is nothing more than your standard two eggs, bacon/sausage/or ham, grilled potatoes, and your choice of a biscuit or scone. One of us got bacon and the other, sausage. One had their eggs poached; the other, over-hard. He chose a biscuit and I chose the scone. It was a fairly basic affair, but incredibly gratifying after a week-long diet of peanut butter and jelly. I also made the mistake of paying for tea when it was readily available in the lobby “For Hotel Guests Only.”

We spent the rest of the morning enjoying the sweeping views afforded by the Lodge’s prime location on the caldera’s rim. We took photos, reclined in the outdoor rocking chairs, warmed up at the fireplace, and got our fill of the complimentary “For Guests Only” coffee and tea.

A note on the hotel services: If I were paying that much money to stay in the lodge, I’d expect a certain level of service from the front desk and concierge staff. However, most of the Lodge’s employees are temporary workers from abroad who have little service experience. When asked about local breweries and restaurants, we were only given blank stares and I-don’t-know shrugs*. It’s certainly not the Ritz-Carlton, but I suppose that you’re only paying for the view after all.

* If you’re looking for more helpful service, try the Steel Information Center where the Park Rangers will even look things up on the internet for you.

Crater Lake Lodge
Rim Village
Crater Lake, OR 97604
(541) 594-2255

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