August 19, 2007

Krazy Eddie's [Laguna Hills]

Everyone is quick to champion their local neighborhood coffee shop and Krazy Eddie's is truly worth the rave.

There's no doubt that the bagels here are good--thin and browned to a crisp, not to doughy, and slathered with a lean coat of cream cheese. As Goldilocks would say, "It's just right."

While a touch sugary, the Strawberry Cream Cheese is the best I've tasted yet. Made with fresh strawberries, honey, and brown sugar, its simple yet vibrant flavor is enough to brighten any bagel. And while the bagels hold their own , they wouldn't be stellar without the greetings that are chirped as regulars walk in from their morning commute.

I pondered the coffee thermoses and prepared to fill my cup when a member of the eager staff offered to make me latte. I couldn't deny his enthusiasm and was greeted by a "be happy" five minutes later. On the foam skimming my full-bodied roast was a smiley face reminding me to take my 6-hour traffic school in stride.

I never understood the allure of a daily coffee fix (I gave up the stuff after I realized that my annual thousand dollar habit was giving me the shakes), but when you spend everyday riding the elevator with the same nameless faces, it's nice to feel relevant to someone and some place.

If you're doing a drive-by and can't seem to find the place, look for a sign that says Donuts&Bagels in red and yellow type.

Krazy Eddie's Donuts
23052 Lake Forest Dr
Laguna Hills, CA 92637
(949) 454-0528


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