August 20, 2007

Beckie's [Oregon]

Nodding in unison if often a good sign when it comes to a restaurant recommendation. Such was the reaction of three park rangers at the Crater Lake Information Center when asked for a mom&pop lunch stop on our way out.

Located along a tiny stretch of town called Union Creek, Beckie's was exactly my cup of tea--a gem in the rough for the locals. At first I got stares and attributed it to my exotic Asian-ness, but quickly spotted my brethren and realized that I was just as strange as the Caucasian city folk sitting one booth over. I'm sure it didn't help that I kept whipping out my camera to snap photos of the "authentic" bikers sitting at the bar.

Anyways, Beckie's is a hybrid of rustic charm and the hoarse reality of a waitress' raspy smoker voice. The menu is comprised of mostly sandwiches and burgers and after a 3-hour hike, I was ready to indulge.

-- Is the chicken sandwich fried?
-- The patty is deep fried.

-- Good. I'll take one of those.

My chicken was patiently drained of its excess grease and did the job of satiating my appetite. My boyfriend's patty melt was drowned by the grease of its grilled onions and while neither were extraordinary, they were within our expectations for a middle-of-nowhere break.

While we caught wind of the legendary pies, we missed the ball when it came to ordering. Apparently, marionberries and huckleberries grow in the fields outside the restaurant and are picked fresh and baked into pies every morning. Instead, we opted for a slice of peach pie that fell flat of our expectations. The pie crust while thin, wasn't cooked through and the gelatin that suspended out peaches, while functional, had no flavor. On the other hand, the peaches were abundant, ripe, and ready for the eatin'.

Beckie's Cafe
56484 Highway 62
Prospect, Oregon 97536

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